Cielle's commitment to sustainability

In recent years, attention to environmental sustainability has become an increasingly important issue not only for people, but also for businesses. A more conscious approach can bring greater efficiency, reduced energy costs and savings in natural resources, as well as support customers who in turn seek suppliers that demonstrate a commitment and interest in these issues.

Cielle has embarked on a new sustainability-oriented journey, taking a series of important actions and changes to reduce the environmental impact of its activities.

The actions taken are on three separate fronts, which participate to create a comprehensive approach:

  • applying new technologies and paying attention in the production of our machines, from the technical point of view and the materials used;
  • paying more attention in saving materials and electricity;
  • devising a campaign that buys a tree for every machine we sell to our customers, helping us to reforest the Paneveggio forest that was severely damaged during storm Vaia in 2018.

We are convinced that this approach will bring long-term benefits to the company.

We are committed to doing our part to preserve the environment while still maintaining the high quality of products that has always set us apart from the crowd.