If meeting your customer’s needs in the implementation of his communication project is your goal, Cielle has the solution for you.


Would you like to know how to faithfully replicate a delicate texture on a large format die? Cielle has long been known in the market for its highly accurate and efficient engraving machines for the manufacturing of tile stencils.


Manufacturing parts as per technical drawings accurately and error-free. Manufacturing companies like yours require highly customizable and reliable processes for their products, with machining required on all materials.


Creating the design of a new item and bringing it to life, knowing you can count on top-notch finishes.

Cutting die

Do you need to create cutting dies quickly and optimizing material usage? Cielle manufactures machines that integrate up-to-date technologies and high-performance manufacturing solutions.


Cielle has been working with fashion industry specialists for years. Our systems make possible to process different materials to create accessories that are up to date with features and dimensions that modern outfits require.


The eyewear industry is closely linked to the fashion world and follows its stringent logic of time and logistics.


Cielle’s solutions are perfect for any kind of plate production through meticulous scanning of the original, tool selection and calculation of the best tool path.