Sigma Green 200/150 – 200/300


A CO2 laser machine reliable and easy to use, with elctrosoldered base, moving structure made from die-cast aluminium, allows to work acrylic, to create panels for backlight, POS displays, and much more.

The most common workable materials worked are plastics, but it is possible to process also many others such as leather, glass, rubber, etc. Sigma Green can be equipped with laser sources of 130 Watt of 230 Watt. Dedicated software exceptionally easy to use.

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    The CO2 humans firendly. A powerful laser system to create very special effects A powerful laser system to create special effects

    Technical features

    • Brushless motors
    • Source CO2
    • Strong basement electrowelded
    • Crossbar in aluminium casting
    • Fume extractor
    • User friendly software

    Sectors of use


    If meeting your customer’s needs in the implementation of his communication project is your goal, Cielle has the solution for you.


    Backlight processing software

    Fume extractor for laser cutting and engraving table