Sigma Ceramic 200/100 – 200/300 – 200/400


The revolution on the field of master molds for the ceramic industry. A technologically advanced laser machine, able to slow down dramatically the production time and costs, together with the innovative resin (RFS) developed and patented by Cielle.

An easy-to-use machine, equipped with the special Cielle software, specifically developed for ceramic sector.


Request information

    The laser power combined to the linear motor high speed to engrave resins. A patent made in CIELLE

    Technical features

    • Top efficiency
    • X axis with linear motor
    • Speed up to 200m/s
    • Low production cost
    • Dedicated software developped internally
    • Patented materials

    Sectors of use


    Would you like to know how to faithfully replicate a delicate texture on a large format die? Cielle has long been known in the market for its highly accurate and efficient engraving machines for the manufacturing of tile stencils.


    Professional Laser Probe with conoscopic holography reading system

    UPS – Continuity Group – Protection time 30 minutes