Kappa Green 200/150 – 200/300


Cutting and milling machine Kappa Green, low-consumption electrosoldered base. Bridge with shoulders in aluminum casting and transverse profile of high strength, carriage in cast aluminum. Kappa Green is the ideal solution for the packaging sector: two vectorial electrospindles that allow to cut with blade and to crease.

On request it can be equipped with an additional electrospindle to mill harder materials. Main application areas: paper industry, digital printing, cutting contour shapes and POS displays.

Request information

    Large tables small consumption. Your efficient partner for paperworks, graphics, packaging.

    Technical features

    • Double vectorial spindle
    • Axes mouvement on rack
    • Brushless power module
    • Vacuum working table
    • FPC system (Flying Precision Cutting)

    Sectors of use


    If meeting your customer’s needs in the implementation of his communication project is your goal, Cielle has the solution for you.


    Blade holder for linear cutting of rigid materials

    Handheld command keypad

    HF electrospindle for milling 1.2 KW, 30,000 rpm, liquid cooled, ER20 collets, diameter 0÷13 mm

    Select 45° inclined blade holder and blade for bevel cut

    Suction system complete with aspirator