Epsilon Fiber Laser 60/40

With LASER-CNC technology


A laser marking system equipped with brushless motors and recirculating ball screws on the three axes, full cabin and digital axis control.
Thanks to its three mechanical axes that adjust the movement of the laser head at the engraving area, the machine ensures deep and precise work on brass, aluminum, copper, steel, gold and silver.

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    Work in depth and with maximum precision on brass, aluminum, copper, steel, gold and silver.

    Technical features

    • Head movements on recirculating ball screws
    • Base, shoulders and crosspiece in cast aluminium
    • Brushless axis motors
    • Electrospindle (3 kw dt, 1,8 kw fmt)
    • Tools warehouse with 9 positions for dualtecht, 6 positions for FMT version
    • Electronic CNC board developed by CIELLE
    • Easy to use dedicated software
    • Handheld keyboard for manual axis movement
    • Worktop in extruded aluminum with "t" slots
    • Integral protection cabin with safety devices
    • Extractor hood for smoke and dust

    Sectors of use


    Manufacturing parts as per technical drawings accurately and error-free. Manufacturing companies like yours require highly customizable and reliable processes for their products, with machining required on all materials.


    Cielle has been working with fashion industry specialists for years. Our systems make possible to process different materials to create accessories that are up to date with features and dimensions that modern outfits require.


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