About us

Give more value to your work!

For over 40 years, Cielle has been creating customized solutions for its clients.

Founded in 1978 by Luigino De Lazzari, the company specializes in the production of pantographs for nameplates, later expanding its product line to include machines for engraving large surfaces.

Cielle has always been focused on continuous improvement and business development, in a logic of sustainability.


Unique solutions that give life to a world of dreams and emotions.

At Cielle, we develop technological systems that are synonymous for Italian excellence in the world, suitable to create high precision and quality products.

Our values

People and Team

For us at Cielle, working as a team is essential because only through teamwork and the contribution of all people we can we achieve the goals of quality and innovation that we constantly set for ourselves.

Our working style aims to involve all the stakeholders and the people active in the different processes, through an open and continuous exchange to ensure that everyone pulls in the same direction, encouraging the professional growth of each individual and always prioritizing competence and merit.

To achieve this, it is very important to know the timing of each process, priorities, resources available, expectations, and responsibilities of every person before acting.

Our philosophy

Each component is designed by us.

At Cielle, we don’t just assemble machines. We design every single element: the mechanical and electronic parts, CNC boards, and software.
This allows us to meet every customer requirement, creating machines capable of performing tasks that standard machines are not programmed to do.

We can even reprogram an existing machine if the customer will decide to evolve and expand their business, saving them the burden of purchasing a new machine.

Our robust hardwares grant a very low breakdown rate, avoiding the frequent replacement of machinery and minimizing costs and maintenance times, also thanks to the expertise of our technicians who can intervene remotely.


Luigino De Lazzari founded the company that in 1985 would become known as CIELLE.


Model 1 was produced in 1985. It was the first pantograph with electronic control that allowed the engraving of small and medium-sized metal objects, using a diamond-tipped point or a rotating cutter.


The range of products was expanded to include eight new three-axis models that could perform various complex tasks. In the same years, great importance was also paid to the development of the electronics through the in-house design and manufacturing of the control circuit board which allowed achieving the interpolation of all three axes.


A new HTCL digital control circuit board was implemented on all models, to achieve fast and dynamic axis control.


Software development became paramount. The new 32-bit PCs and the OS/2 operating system entered the market thus calling for a complete revision of Cielle programs to ensure a complete and multitasking system.


The current pantographs start being replaced with new models to introduce new technologies, enhance machine quality and streamline production.


The pantographs revision is completed with the introduction of five completely new models.


High-speed milling required Cielle to develop even more advanced CNCs, and this is how the HST2000 (4-axis) and HST2100 (4-6 axis) controls were born based on fully independent high-speed digital processors that no longer required a PC to operate.


A new series of pantographs (Epsilon) and new electronics was introduced. Mechanical and electronic development was complemented by new software products.


The first fully Cielle-branded Yag laser was produced in this year, thus adding new laser products to the milling machines.


The first Cielle machine for Laser texture marking on aluminum entered the market.


A few important technological innovations occurred with the introduction of the first ophthalmic machines for lens processing and the Dualtech machine combining milling and laser technologies.


Cielle signed an agreement with National Optronics (Essilor) to develop and manufacture special ophthalmic machines that the multinational giant would later distribute worldwide.


The All In One control circuit board was implemented to control and power parts of the machines to be grouped in a single hardware.


Cielle entered the paper processing industry with the new Kappa.


The Veneto Region, through the Venture Capital Fund (Veneto Sviluppo) invested in the company that showed to have a strategic vision for its growth and, above all, an investment plan and a research and innovation program worthy of special attention. The share capital was increased to €1,000,000.


Fiber sources for marking were introduced this year


Alfa entered the market with new fiber sources for marking


The New Epsilon Gold and TAU entered the market. The former is a machine dedicated to the jewelry sector and features laser technologies of marking, cutting, milling and diamond cutting combined. The TAU machine, instead, is designed for simple marking needs, using only the scanner head combined with a vertical axis to adapt the machine to the height of the workpiece.


Sigma Green entered the market.


The New Kappa Green machine, with new oscillator designed entirely from scratch entered production.


Development of a new High Computing Speed CNC that greatly improves the simultaneous operation of multiple axes.


A new sprung spindle for diamond guilloché machining and diamond and laser texture fabrication of holographic images were designed this year.


Improvements for hot stamping and ceramic resumed this year.

Our numbers

Currently, our production line consists of more than 20 machines, which can be customized with 40 different accessories to enable the customer to purchase a highly tailored product.


If meeting your customer’s needs in the implementation of his communication project is your goal, Cielle has the solution for you.


Manufacturing parts as per technical drawings accurately and error-free. Manufacturing companies like yours require highly customizable and reliable processes for their products, with machining required on all materials.


Creating the design of a new item and bringing it to life, knowing you can count on top-notch finishes.

Patent certificate for industrial invention

Template for the manufacturing of LPR (Layered Phenolic Resin) molds for the manufacturing of tiles and related manufacturing process. Sigma series for the ceramic and leather industry is the range of products that embodies Cielle®’s constant research and innovation.