At CIELLE, there are no standard machines

For us at Cielle, the customer’s needs come first, which is why no machine is the same as another when it is produced.

Contrary to other machines available on the market, which generally require a lower initial investment but then perform poorly and thus get used only occasionally, by purchasing one of our customized machines the customer is sure to have a tool that works for many hours, avoiding idle time and thus enjoying a shorter return on investment and increased profits for many years.

We simplify processes

Our technologies

Laser technology


Nowadays, laser technology is being used increasingly in the industrial sectors where Cielle® is active and able to offer a competitive solution of high Italian quality.
From cutting metal sheets, including high thickness ones, to engraving on precious materials and offering a solution also in the packaging and visual communication sector.

Laser technology is also used in the machines dedicated to the processing of leather and ceramic, where Cielle® is an industry leader, for the production of resin templates.

Engraving - Cutter Cutting


Thanks to a past spent improving year after year, Cielle® today can guarantee high standards in cutting and engraving, offering professionals a wide range of high-quality pantographs and machining centers.

Blade cutting and milling, this either for engraving or modeling, over the years has made Cielle machines the embodiment of reliability and precision – elements present throughout the entire manufacturing chain. The size of the worktable, the power of the spindle, and the speed of tool change and machining are just a few aspects that make the machines excellent and tireless workmates.