Brilliant technical solutions for your creations

Creating the design of a new item and bringing it to life, knowing you can count on top-notch finishes.

Cielle presents goldsmiths and artisans with intuitive, customizable solutions that can be adapted to the size of their project. Prototypes, small runs and volume production: with Cielle’s machines every job is possible, and the goal is to simplify, speed up and optimize the process of working with gold and precious metals.

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Guillochè is a complex, distinctive geometric engraving technique used as an embellishment on jewelry and watchmaking pieces. The result is an image that features a 3D effect even on thin thicknesses.

Generally, this type of processing requires a lot of time, expensive equipment and properly trained personnel. With the integration of Cielle software and machines, instead, it can be realized even by non-specialists, achieving extraordinary results.